Dr Dan Sleigh – VOC Buiteposte

Dr Dan Sleigh

On 8 September 2018, Dr. Dan Sleigh spoke to a large group of members of the Genealogical Society of South Africa and our guests from the Cape Town Family History Society and Durbanville Heritage Society.

His talk centered around the outposts of the VOC / DEIC Dutch East India Company at their Maritime Replenishment station at the Cape.

He explained how the Air and Water Currents made the Cape an ideal location for a maritime replenishing station along the Sea Route between Europe and the East Indies.

Dr Sleigh discussed the diverse purposes that the network of outposts served.

Of the 44 outposts of the VOC, Dr Sleigh mentioned the following outposts and our ancestors who manned those posts

  1. Leeuwenkop
  2. Robben Island
  3. De Schuer
  4. Rustenburg
  5. Nieuwenland
  6. Slagtersveld
  7. Ganze Craal
  8. Groene Cloof
  9. Saldanha Baay
  10. St Helena Baay
  11. Baas Harmans Craal
  12. Vishoek
  13. Simons Baay
  14. Land van Waveren
  15. Clapmuts
  16. Hottentots Holland
  17. Ziekenhuijs
  18. Tijgerhoek
  19. Warme Bad
  20. Soetemelks Valleij
  21. Rietvalleij aan de Buffelsjagtrivier
  22. Plettenberg Bay
  23. Fort Lydzaamhijd
  24. Mauritius

The VOC Foundation


Dr Sleigh and the members of the VOC Foundation strive to:

  • Cultivate interest in the VOC period at the Cape (1652 – 1795)
  • Promote conservation of Artefacts, e.g. Buildings, wrecks, documents and porcelain from the period
  • Conduct research about the VOC locally and overseas
  • Study the indigenous Cape people, the Koina
  • Promote VOC Cultural tourism
  • Education

Anyone interested in joining the VOC Foundation can find out more about their activities on the website at voc-kaap.org

You can download their application form here

Genealogical Society of South Africa Membership

Those interested in joining the Genealogical Society of South Africa as a member are welcome to sign up online at eggsa.org/sales/eshop_e_dc_membership.htm

Our meetings at SASNEV in Central Str, Pinelands (across the road from the NG Church) are held at 14:00 on the second Saturday of every month.

Dr Sleigh’s Talk

You can listen to Dr Sleigh’s talk and view his maps, drawings and photographs below.

The audio is a 71 MB download while the images are 34 MB. The images are of a good quality which allows you to zoom in to see the finer detail more clearly.




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