GSSA Western Cape newsletter Jan-Mar 2015

From the Editor and team
Vergaderingsnuus – Januarie
Branch News – February
GGSA Algemene Jaarvergadering/GSSA AGM 2015

From the Editor and team

Dear Reader,

We trust you had a most enjoyable and relaxing time over the festive season and that you are now buzzing with ideas on how to tackle your genealogical projects in 2015. Good luck on your endeavours!

Our branch has been very busy in the last three months. On the 17th January we held our branch AGM. Then on the 21st & 22nd March, we were honoured to host the GSSA national AGM. This was a resounding success and proved that the people of Cape Town have what it takes to “wow” our upcountry visitors!

Simone Kay and Phil Beck

Vergaderingsnuus – Januarie

Ons skop altyd die nuwe jaar af met ons Algemene Jaarvergadering. Op 17 Januarie was dit weer sulke tyd. Daar is verslag gedoen oor die vorige jaar se bedrywighede, asook die verslaf oor die stand van finansies. Daarna is die
bestuur vir 2015 verkies.

Ons vrolike bestuurslede en medewerkers vir 2015 van links na regs: Phil Beck (Editor of Capensis & Quarterly Newsletter), Paul le Roux (Tesourier), David de Klerk (Onder-Voorsitter), Pam Beck (Refreshments), Anton Verwey (Sekretaris), Engela van Dyk (Uitstalspan), Simone Kay (Skakeling & Tegnologie-ons web) & Andrew Kok (Voorsitter).
Ander 2015 medewerkers van links na regs/bo na onder: André van Wyk (Tak fotograaf), Gerhard Geldenhuys (Raadgewer, Capensis), Mariana Olivier (Facebook & Lede Skyfievertoning), Max White (Distributor, Capensis), Rini Scheffler (Bibliotekaris)

Branch News – February

On 14 February 2015 we all set off to the Lutheran Church in Strand Street Cape Town for our branch meeting.

Our guest speaker was Sally Titlestad, team leader of the project Outsiders Within.
Facebook: Outsiders Within: New resources for community histories in South Africa

In collaboration with the Lutheran Church the team is currently processing and preserving documents dating back to the 1740’s in order to make the information publicly accessible.

Denied the right to openly practice their religion by the Dutch East India Company (VOC), Martin Melck constructed the church between 1764 and 1774, initially disguised as a large warehouse. Under the rule of the Dutch East India Company (VOC) only the Dutch Church (later known as the Dutch Reformed Church) was officially permitted to practice their religion.

In 1742/43 the Lutherans requested permission from the VOC to practice their religion openly – the request was denied. After continual requests the VOC finally relented in 1779 – almost forty years later. Although permission was denied by the VOC to practice their religion openly, it did not prevent the Lutherans from constituting a Church
Council which operated underground.

When permission was eventually granted to the Lutherans to practice their religion openly it came with numerous constraints – amongst these was that the pulpit had to be placed in the middle of the church
and not to the side in accordance with Lutheran practice. Another constraint was that the baptism of girls in a family was forbidden.

The pulpit was designed by Anton Anreith. Anton Anreith was born in Germany in 1754, came to the Cape in 1777 as a soldier and died in Cape Town in 1822. This was his first commercial work at the Cape, undertaken because he was a Lutheran. Many of his works can be seen in and around Cape Town.

One of the three bells in the clock tower which strikes every fifteen minutes, day and night. If the clock doesn’t strike on time Capetonians are quick to let the church know that they need to wind the clock.! We were privileged to be granted permission to climb up the clock tower.

In 1949 the church was declared a national monument.


GGSA Algemene Jaarvergadering/GSSA AGM 2015

The 2015 AGM was hosted by Western Cape Branch and the meeting was held at SASNEV in Pinelands.
Poster Competition: Branches were asked to prepare a poster depicting their activities during 2014. A prize will be given to the winning poster. The winner will be announced after the first NEC meeting.


Belangrike AJV nuus
Ledegeld: bly onveranderd
Deeglike beleid is nou in plek.
Pryse van produkte word voortdurend geevalueer om dit bekostigbaar te hou.
Voortaan dieselfde prys vir lede sowel as nie-lede
Slegs 100 kopiee word in voorrad gehou. Word op aanvraag vervaardig.
Daar word beoog om ‘n kommitte vir die ontwikkeling van produkte daar te stel. Voorstelle voor einde April asb.
Web: Branches must please send through updates regularly.
There is no editor at present following the resignation of Johan Pottas.
An editorial committee is to be formed.In the interim, Ferdie van Wyk will act as compiler.
The postal strikes have had a negative inpact on the distribution. It has been suggested that Postnet be contacted
regarding distribution.

Daar is wel ’n nuwe produk vanjaar en data wat voorheen nie soekbaar was nie, is nou wel soekbaar.
Daar sal voortaan net ‘n nuwe produk uitgereik word wanneer genoeg nuwe data bygekom het.
Motion 1: If a branch chair or vice-chair serves on the NEC, that branch will still have 2 votes at the AGM. Motion carried
Mosie 2: Die afsnypunt vir die betaling van ledegelde moet vervroeg word na 28 Februarie ipv 31 Maart. Mosie aanvaar.

On Friday night the meeting adjourned to feed the masses. They were entertained to a typical Cape Snoekbraai, complete with all the right trimmings
Saterdagoggend is afgeskop met ‘n lekker “Amazing race”. Dit is gewen deur Bob Saunders en Margaret Gundry. Hulle prys sal nog aan hulle besorg word.
NUK vir 2015: Voorsitter: Petro Correejes-Brink, Onder-voorsitter: Dennis Pretorius, Tesourier: Gerrit Muller, Sekretaresse: Judi Meyer, Addisioneel: Ferdie van Wyk ( Web ) Simon du Plooy ( Produkte)

The next AGM will be on 12 March 2016 and will be hosted by North West Branch.

Al die afgevaardigdes en medewerkers.
At the Gala dinner, the guest speaker was Dr Helen Robinson


Genealogist of the Year: Ferdie van Wyk
Golden Banner: Martie du Toit, (left), Alta Griffiths,( right) and Lynn Couperthwaite. Alta also accepted Lynn’s award.
President’s Award: Bob Saunders (right), Neels Coertse, Giel Nel and Paul le Roux (left). Bob accepted Neels and Giel’s awards.



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